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Calendar Views

Ewents layouts are 6: Monthly, Agenda, Card, Weekly, Daily, and Map view. We tried to make them for every purpose so they would be handier to use.


Traditionally calendars are used by people who want to know what day it is. But we took this to another level and you can do more than learn the date. Probably you already know modern online calendars are used for other purposes too. And besides that, we now suggest you pick the layout/design you prefer. Let’s see what we have down there.


Monthly view

This view is perfect for showing the whole image. This layout by default shows the current month's past, recurring and upcoming events.

You’re able to display the event details in two ways, as well as hide them if what you want is a simple view.


Weekly and Daily views

These are, as the titles suggest, for your upcoming future plans. This is very fine if you want to showcase the whole week with the events’ hours.

Same with the whole day; if you have many events for the day, the start and end times are all that matter.


Agenda view

You probably heard that fancy “put this on your Agenda” which means to add something to the plan/to-do list. This Agenda style is very, comfortable for holding your plans.

With a fresh, crispy design this is what you need to hold your things together.


Card view

This Card view like Agenda shows only upcoming events (which you can change in the settings) so this is some kind of other agenda tool.

This card layout showcases your events like Polaroid camera photos, focusing more on the image part of events.


Map View

This layout comes to help those who’re having a hard time orienting and finding areas where the event is happening.

They will see the coordinates of the place/venues where the event is happening/will happen.

Manage your event easily with Ewents